International education is a diving center located in Nuremberg, Germany. Within the staff there are well-known instructor trainer and certifier, teaching all around the world.

Recreational diving

For sure it will make no sense to book us for an open water diver class at iceland, but we offer high level instructor classes for the training agencies S.U.B. International and CMAS.

If you want to become a diving instructor, or if you want to do a cross over from any other training agency to S.U.B. or CMAS, then please use this link:

more information | rec. instructor

Technical diving

If you want to become a well-trained technical diver (mixed gas, cave, rebreather), than you can book us directly or you can join one of our trips around the world to get a proper education. We will not give you the c-cards for money, we hand them over for a high performance, as this is what we teach.

Please use the form below to get more information, let us know what certification you own and what you want to reach.

Tec Diving Instructor

We also offer Tec instructor classes and cross-over classes; if you are interested in becoming an S.U.B. International Tec Diving Instructor or an Innerspace Explorers Instructor, please send us your actual tec-diving certifications and we will check the possibilities.


The costs depends on the class you need; there are discounts for groups with 3 students or more, and there are discounts for diving centers. Please send us your inquiry.

If you want to get more information, please contact us or use the form below.

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